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International Market Development

Clients engaging Transmark Advisory Services for international market development are often interested in establishing an international beachhead or finding “low hanging fruit” Transmark Advisory Services typically goes through at least a three step process in meeting our clients objectives. We typically do (1) an internal assessment of their business to understand the organization’s unique capabilities. (2) a detailed review of the political, socioeconomic, banking, networking and competitive forces impacting a successful launch into target markets and (3) tactical plans including the risks associated with entering the best few markets selected by the customer. Transmark Advisory Services also assists clients in finding the right contacts in each selected country for partnering purposes and for reaching key customers.


Vertical Market Opportunities

Clients evaluating expansion opportunities into vertical markets are typically looking for ways to apply their unique capabilities to new markets. Typical actions in assessing new vertical markets include (1) an internal assessment of their business to understand the organization’s unique capabilities, (2) a selection of target market segments and (3) a detailed business analysis of the best few segments including largest potential customers, primary technologies used, hardware and software partners, and strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats analysis. 


Strategic Business Analysis

Organizations looking for assistance in developing strategic plans will find a wealth of knowledge at Transmark Advisory Services. A typical business engagement in this area of interest would include (1) an internal business analysis (2) an evaluation of the companies position in the marketplace and (3) a detailed assessment of the businesses growth strategies. We place high value on working with the client to define the planning processes that will work best for the organization. The success of a strategic planning process is often contingent upon the commitment and involvement of the organization’s management team.


Business Referrals

As a result of visiting and meeting with global corporations and distributorships in the past 3 years, Transmark Advisory Services is well aware of organizations that have an interest in global partnering. The typical engagement process includes (1) assessing your businesses capabilities and needs (2) developing a plan of action (3) identifying prospects and (4) making the initial business contacts.


Market Research and White Paper Development

A key to developing a successful global expansion is getting proper messaging. On a typical customer engagement, our team will meet with key executives and assess your product positioning. Our team may conduct research into the impact existing and potential competitors may have on market penetration. It is also common for us to review your unique technological expertise and work with you on developing white papers to communicate that expertise to strategic markets.

We are interested in growing internationally but we must be very selective about our choices? Can you help us?

It is critical that you make the right choice in growing globally. The cost of making a bad decision is huge. Think of all the revenues you could have made if you planned before acting. Transmark Advisory Services has experience in finding and developing new markets for US-based businesses and have visited over 75 countries in the past three years evaluating many of them for new business opportunities.


Healthcare opportunities are important to us. How can you help?

Our management team has provided assistance in evaluating healthcare market opportunities with a wide variety of companies including AIG, Steering Software, VeriFone, and Diebold. We have experience in managing healthcare ventures.


How can you help us to develop an overall global strategic plan?

Transmark Advisory Services specializes in planning. Member experiences include implementing strategic planning and business processes at VeriFone, The Kroger Company and Volvo do Brasil. One member of our team chaired The Planning Forum, an international organization focused on planning business practices.


We need to find a reputable international partner? Can you help?

Transmark Advisory Services knows of many organizations that are interested in developing partnerships and has the expertise to assist in making these relationships happen.


We need to better communicate our expertise to customers. Can you help?

Members of our team have written conducted market research and written white papers global organizations such as Hewlett Packard, AIG, Sterling Software, Kodak and VeriFone.